Monday, July 27, 2009

Frédéric Talgorn - Robot Jox

This is the music from Stuart Gordon's 1990 film Robot Jox, composed by one Frédéric Talgorn and performed by the Paris Philharmonic Orchestra. That's a pretty fancy group of people to have work on what is essentially Rock 'em, Sock 'em Robots: The Movie.

I would have LOVED if Mystery Science Theater would've gotten ahold of this movie. This is the type of thing Rifftrax should be doing more of, low budget horror and sci-fi made between 1971 and 1993. Sure doing mainstream "real" movies is cool, but I wish they'd mix it up a bit more and do something like this or, say, The Burning once in a while. Of course millions of people own a copy of Fantastic Four (DVD shoppers really bought into that whole "fantastic" thing), whereas maybe 12,000 people even know what Robot Jox is, so I can see why they'd stick with something a lot of people would actually own.

Track listing

1. Overture (03:35)
2. Prologue/The Battlefield (02:44)
3. Achille's Bedroom (01:38)
4. "Open Her Up!" (01:14)
5. "Crash and Burn"/Achilles vs. Alexander (06:57)
6. Achilles Leaves (01:44)
7. Fanfare for Athena/The Jock Strap Bar (03:38)
8. "Hey Jock, Old Buddy" (02:01)
9. The Traitor (01:55)
10. Alexander's Four-Legged Robot (01:09)
11. "That Won't Work"/Achilles to the Rescue (02:47)
12. Space Battle (02:24)
13. Transformation (01:07)
14. The Final Confrontation (02:34)
15. "We Can Both Live!"/End Titles (04:28)

Total Duration: 00:39:55

Part Man. Part Metal.

In Space Bastard news I've decided that as much as I like Space Bastard as a blog name, it's kind of pointless to have 2 sites. Especially being that SB is being update about once a week at this point. So I plan on kind of merging the two together. By that I mean that any stuff I would've posted there I'll just post here instead. I'll keep that site up, but for now I'll just be sticking to posting on this one.


A Friend Of The Devil said...

Never seen this... I know of it though. I think Full Moon Productions did the sequel called "Robot Wars".

Now I have to get my hands on these...

phelpster said...

Yeah, that sounds about right. I noticed that two of the Bands, Charles and Albert produced and Ted Nicolaou (a frequent Full Moon director) was one of the editors.

Marshall Caruthers said...

Thank you! I absolutely love Robot Jox, it was probably my all time favorite growing up as a kid.

Your post reminded me that I had this soundtrack and also the Richard band composed score to Crash & Burn, directed by Charles Band, also with giant awesome robots. Not as awesome as Jox though.

Love your stuff

Singnals3 said...

It's real, cool film....

cool film

Simon Magnus said...

might be in love with you for this post

agemo said...

i really liked this flick, but didn't pay attention to the soundtrack....thanks for the post


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