Monday, July 27, 2009

Kids Go To The Woods... Kids Get Dead

This was released last month, somehow it slipped by me.

It look like just another modern slasher that's attempting to be a throwback to everyone's favorite slasher decade, the 1980's. What's interesting about Kids Get Dead is the way they've released it. You can purchase the DVD or a digital download here - nothing special there obviously - but they're also touring the movie, doing screenings at various theaters and including a DVD in the ticket price, plus a live performance from a band featured on the soundtrack. Sounds awesome to me. Of course I live nowhere near anywhere cool enough to have any kind of special movie screening. DVD it is for me I guess.

The DVD itself sounds really cool too, from Amazon:

"Do you remember staying up late to watch your favorite horror host on local television? With VHS tape in hand to record all the action (and hopefully not tape over anything important - like your home movies) this nearly forgotten ritual was a mainstay of our youth.

"Kids Go To the Woods... Kids Get Dead" brings back the classic slasher flick - complete with horny teenagers, worthless cops, a crazy war vet and a masked killer. Complete with VHS static, fake commercials and vignettes with horror hostess Candy Adams. It's kind of like a GRINDHOUSE for the cable/VCR generation.

It's Casey's (Leah Rudick) birthday and to celebrate her and her friends are headed to a cabin in the woods for a wild weekend of sex, drugs and partying. A crazed Killer (Joseph Campellone) has other plans for them and it's up to Casey's younger brother Scott (Andrew Waffenschmidt), aided by a mysterious novel that seems to spell out their fate, to find their only hope of survival. This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply."


Anonymous said...

Anyone notice how similar the artwork and font style is to the Friday The 13th movies?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I ran across your blogspot and found that you used to have "Emmanuelle 2" uploaded. The links are dead now. Is there anyway you could maybe upload it again? I've been getting headaches wandering the internet for it.


Anonymous said...

A mysterious novel that seems to spell out their fate........

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P said...

La vida es esto. Prestémosle atención a los
detalles. Al calorcito humeante del pis, a sacar la basura, a viajar apretados
en colectivo. Si no disfrutamos eso, ¿qué nos queda?

Anonymous said...

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The Film Reel said...

Wow, this sounds exactly like something I'd be into. Complete with commercials and a horror host! That really does bring back memories, I must get my hands on this now! HAHA!

Jingles said...

WOW! Great Collection.. I was really looking for such kind of collection! Thanks for sharing with us


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