Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Chainsaw Massacres - Texas Style

Here are a few lesser seen Texas Chainsaw posters. Or Chain Saw as it's for some reason spelled on the first movie. I mean, I know it can be spelled with a space or without, but come on, it should be one or the other. Not both. I'm voting for chainsaw - no space. What do you guys think?

Chainsaw or Chain Saw?
Chain Saw

I'd never seen this first poster before a few minutes ago, but I adore it. The artwork is great and I love the Giallo-like font used for the title. One day I'd like to go through and make a font or two from several of these posters. I've found that locating good vintage horror poster style fonts (that don't suck) is pretty tricky. Of course, I'm pretty lazy (for a variety of reasons, depending on what you're asking me to do) so I could see this Giallo font project taking me quite some time to get around to doing.


A Friend Of The Devil said...

I actually have the first poster image on a t shirt... I got it at a Rugged Warehouse about 3 or 4 years ago for like $5 or something...

Anonymous said...

I tried to vote ONCE for "chainsaw" but it said something like "you cannot vote more than once" LOL

I like the first (top) poster. I've seen it before somewhere either on-line and/or in a book/magazine. Love "painted" posters like that.


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