Saturday, December 19, 2009

Video Game Violence: The Early Years

I recently downloaded a great deal (or shitload, if you will) of Fangoria back issues and found these awesome ads in issues 24 and 25. I was considering posting some issues on the site, but since I've actually had a few of my posts (not just the links, the actual posts) taken down by Blogger recently, I'm trying to be a bit cautious for now. I might still post some of them soon though.

Anyway, the ads promise "a new way to take out your frustrations" with "violent video games" that let you "know the pleasure of total destruction". Or course, actual gameplay may vary:

My question, who is the dude in the Poliziotteschi getup shooting at Bubba on the TCM cover?


Karswell said...

haha, awesome! I remember the ads for these but never played them.

Murphy Screams said...

This is classic! I still have a working Atari, I'm definitely looking for these!

Anonymous said...

I did a mini-review of both of these games on my blog. The TCM game was utterly terrible, but Halloween was pretty decent. Too bad that Wizard went out of business so early.

davidfullam said...

Where did you download the Fangos? I'd love to see the old issues.

phelpster said...

I got the issues from an Indonesian forum called Kaskus. Go to that link, click Western Comics, and those should be on one of the first few pages.

I've got about 12 GBs of them on my external right now, all from that site I believe.

davidfullam said...

Cool, thank you!


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