Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chuck Me, Chuck You, Chuck Everybody

Chuck's third season is premiering with a 2-hour long episode at 8PM on January 10th, then resuming it's usual time slot of Mondays at 8 on January 11th. Here's an awesome preview of the upcoming season. Spoiler warning for those not having seen Season 2.

I'm already taking January 10th and 11th off of work to prepare. Everyone be sure to watch, tell everyone you know to watch and hopefully Chuck'll become a hit and Chuck fans won't have to start petitions to keep it on another season this time.


Captain Storm said...

Looks good! Chuck grows a pair! About time they made him a hero! Very matrix like!

The Cap.

Anonymous said...

i am loving this show, dvd 2 comes out a week before... so i can catch up... great news, thanks for sharing!
[when signed in]


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