Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Amazon's Mini Scream Factory Sale

I'm sure everyone has been keeping up with Scream Factory's daily "The Price is Fright" sale - today's sale includes the highly recommended Dark Angel, and the even higherly recommended Ninja III.

I thought I'd also point out that from now until Friday Amazon has their own little assortment of Scream titles on sale. It's very small sale consisting of only 4 titles, but the prices are the lowest I've seen for these titles:

From Beyond - $14.49
The Burning - $15.49
Terror Train - $14.49
Prison - $14.49
The sale can be found right..about...here. (Robert Zombie's much hated Halloween and QT & RR's Grindhouse are also included in the sale for $10 and $13.49, respectively).

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