Friday, October 11, 2013

Kill Michael Myers in This Free Halloween Game

Pig Farmer Games has just released a new survival horror game based on John Carpenter's Halloween that you guys should all check out. You can get the game (for Windows or Mac) from the Pig Farmer site for the low cost of "on the house", so you have no excuse not to head on over there and download your copy today. Read on for more details about the game:

Halloween is a freeware fan game made based on the film Halloween but inspired by the general feel of 70s and 80s slasher flicks; the kind that play better on beat up VHS tapes than Blu-Ray. Gameplay wise, it owes more to the PSX era survival horror genre (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Clock Tower) with some enhancements: 1st person weapon aiming, multiple camera perspectives, and strafing. Halloween (the film) was mostly realistic portrayal of a psychopath hunting random people in small town America. Halloween the game attempts to be a realistic portrayal of a psychopath breaking into an isolated house to murder somebody.

It's Halloween Night in Haddonfield Illinois and Sarah's got no wheels and no plans except for watching some old horror movies on TV. She gets a last minute call from the Johnsons (who saw her ad at the grocery store) to babysit their son Billy. Hoping to get $30 closer to buying a motorcycle, she gets a ride from her Mom to their house on the outskirts of town. Little does she know a simple night of babysitting will turn into an unspeakable nightmare when she is terrorized by an escaped mental patient.

I played the game for a bit, but I'm not really the ideal person to try and review the game or gameplay because I'm just terrible at video games. I can do side scrolling NES games decently enough, anything more advanced and I have the gaming skills of a three-year old girl. I'm constantly getting stuck in a corner, walking backwards, turning in the wrong direction...I'm a complete mess when it comes to playing video games.

The trailer for the game is very cool and exciting, and I'm sure those of you who can play video games will have a blast with this, but I didn't get far enough into the game to get to the scary parts. I never even found the remote control to turn on the TV at the beginning of the game, so I certainly didn't get far enough into it to encounter Michael Myers. Probably a good thing for my character as it's hard to take down a serial killer when your only weapons are a VHS tape and a box of cereal.

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