Wednesday, October 23, 2013

At Last Gingerdead Man Takes on Evil Bong

Full Moon's long awaited* Gingerdead Man vs. Evil Bong is out October 29th (again with this date?). I'm not particularly into these movies - meaning I've seen the first Evil Bong and that's it, but I do enjoy this cover art with Gingerdead Slim Pickensing Evil Bong.

For the first time in Full Moon's history, we will be releasing two unique versions of the same movie!  Watch the regular version of Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong first, then get ready for an even wilder trip with the Ganja Version!

The Ganja Version of Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong is packed to the brim with interactive special features that happen in real time while the movie's playing.  At key points in the film, viewers can unlock extra scenes, learn useful trivia, and purchase gonzo exclusive merch.  The Ganja Version also includes the Full Moon Treasure Hunt, where viewers can earn prizes by spotting the special Golden Moons hidden throughout the film.  There's never been a movie watching experience quite like this before, so get ready to expand your mind with Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong!

Keep watching this page for even more Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong news as it nears its release date!
Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong

It's a War of the Colossal Freaks when serial killing cookie, GINGERDEAD MAN, tracks down the lone survivor of his murderous rampage, SARAH LEIGH (Robin Sydney), to take care of unfinished business. But his devious plans go up in smoke when Sarah meets LARNELL (John Patrick Jordan), who has a pint-sized problem of his own. The EVIL BONG, EEBEE, has been unleashed once again. Bodies begin to pile up as Gingerdead Man carves a path for them. Their only salvation is to turn to help from the dastardly Bong. It's one tough cookie versus one bad trip mother when the two Titans of Terror hash out a war in the Bong World. The stakes have never been higher.

If you're a big Full Moon fan you'll definitely want to throw down some extra money for what I believe to be the world's first Cereal Box Special Edition. Before you sit down to watch a man sized cookie fight a diabolic bong you can pour yourself a bowl of knock off Cookie Crisp. The cereal comes with a copy of the DVD, plus a free prize in every box.

Eat the Gingerdead Man cookie for dessert and wake up the next morning for a bowl full of NOOKIE CRISP! If you're high enough to have the munchies, you can flip the box around, pretend it's a whole other brand of cereal, and pour yourself another bowl of... WEEDIES!

'What's in the box?!?'
1: A full, 11.5 oz bag of delicious crunchy cookie cereal!
2: The mega-mashup, colossal-crosssover DVD, "Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong," fortified with super-special features!
3: A surprise collector's item gift in EVERY BOX!!! 

Check out the official site here.

 * I don't know anyone who watches Full Moon movies so I have no idea if this is actually "long awaited", I was just trying to spruce up the sentence a bit.

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