Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pet Sematary Limited Edition Autographed Soundtrack From Lala-Land Records

Not the actual artwork. I couldn't find a decent sized image of the cover.


La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures present the remastered and expanded release of renowned composer Elliot Goldenthal's (BATMAN FOREVER, HEAT, A TIME TO KILL) original score to the classic Paramount Pictures 1989 horror feature film PET SEMATARY, starring Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby and Fred Gwynne, and directed by Mary Lambert. Goldenthal expertly weaves a haunting musical tapestry of dread and terror, all the while escalating this Stephen King adaptation's suspense and pitch-black drama. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this special limited edition release of 2000 units features 30 minutes of previously unreleased music. Exclusive, in-depth liner notes by film music writer John Takis round out the delightfully creepy art direction by Dan Goldwasser. Previously out-of-print, PET SEMATARY has returned from the grave. In this case, “dead” is NOT better! A must for all horror genre film music enthusiasts and fans of the composer.

Track List
  1. The Pet Sematary 3:03
  2. The New Home*/Moving Day Waltz/Ellie Falls From Swing*/Gage Wanders* 2:38
  3. The Path*/Lullaby Waltz* 1:14
  4. The Warning Tour** 2:45
  5. Halloween*/Thanksgiving*/Deadfall Invitation*/To the Micmac Grounds 4:26
  6. Church Is Back*/Louis Feeds Church*/The Ragman* 2:02
  7. Missy's Apology* 0:47
  8. The Facts of Death*/Bitter Loss (Flashback) 3:00
  9. Kite and Truck* 1:43
  10. The Kite*/Rachel's Dirty Secret/Up in Flames (Flashback)** 2:30
  11. Sour Grounds*/Foreboding Dreams*/Discorporate* 2:32
  12. The Deadly Choice* 1:14
  13. Gentle Exhuming/Dead Recollection* 2:16
  14. Rachel Against Time/Hope and Ordeal/Chorale 2:31
  15. Just Imagination*/Rachel's Blow Out* 0:46
  16. The Latch Opens*/The Return Game (Jud and Gage) 4:56
  17. Rachel's Return*/Return Game Attack/I Brought You Something Mommie 2:50
  18. Little Footprints* 1:48
  19. The Return Game II (Louis and Gage)**/Adieu Gage/Immolation/ Death Do Us Part (Rachel Hugs Louis) 7:09
    total score time:

  20. Piped-In Death* (source) 1:03
  21. The Pet Sematary* (alternate mix) 3:02
  22. Sour Grounds* (alternate) 1:08
  23. Hope and Ordeal* (alternate mix) 1:19
  24. Little Footprints #2* (alternate) 0:25
  25. Dead Recollection (album version) 1:17
  26. Nine Lives Minus Seven (album version) 0:14
  27. . Rachel's Blow Out (album version) 0:20
  28. The Return Game II (Louis and Gage) (album version) 2:52
  29. Kite and Truck (album version) 1:22
  30. Piped-In Death* (alternate source) 1:06
    total bonus time: 14:24
    total album time: 65:04
    *previously unreleased **contains previously unreleased material

You can order it directly from Lala-Land, and you can actually download I think 5 or 6 of the tracks for free. Also while you're there be sure to check out the sale they have going on, plenty of great horror soundtracks dirt cheap, including the Night of the Creeps soundtrack for only $5. I just paid like $12 or $15 for it not 3 months ago. Argh. Great price for it though if you don't already have it.

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