Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bernard Herrmann - Sisters

Here's Bernard Herrmann's music from the Brian De Palma film Sisters. I'm too tired to write my usual bunch of crap right now, so I will leave you with this little anecdote I found regarding the score: "To indicate the musical effects he wanted, Brian De Palma put together an edit of his film that was dubbed with music from the films of the composer he most wanted to hire, 'Bernard Herrmann' . While he was showing it to Herrmann, the composer stopped him with, "Young man, I cannot watch your film while I'm listening to Marnie (1964)."

1. Main Title (01:20)
2. The Dressing Room (01:13)
3. The Ferry; The Apartment; Breton (03:32)
4. The Scar; The Pills; Duo (02:49)
5. The Cake; The Car; The Candles (02:19)
6. Phillip's Murder; Window View (02:55)
7. Clean-up; Split-screen; The Search (02:49)
8. Plastic Bag; The Dress; Cake Box (02:15)
9. Apartment House; The Windows (02:30)
10. The Couch (01:05)
11. Siamese Twins (02:31)
12. The Solution; The Clinic; Hypnotic Trance (03:47)
13. The Dream; The Syringe (05:07)
14. Separation Nightmare; Breton's Murder; Dirge (04:56)
15. Aftermath; Finale (02:02)



Garvarg said...

That’s a piece of art as movie is. But as they are connected that way, that counts more.

Erin said...

You rock so hard - thanks bunches!


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