Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Stefano Mainetti - Talos The Mummy (Tales of the Mummy)

So, anyone out there enjoy listening to music from bad Mummy films? If so then I have Stefano Mainetti's music from the 1998 Jason Scott Lee film Talos The Mummy (or if you prefer, Tales of the Mummy) awaiting your download. The "bad" part above refers to the movie only, the music is rather good actually. The film was directed by Russell Mulcahy, who you might know as the director of the first two Highlander films. Russell hasn't really done much of note in the 20 years since he did Highlander in 1986, but he is doing the new Resident Evil movie, so maybe his luck will change. While I doubt the new RE will be great, it'll surely do good enough at the box office to be considered "of note".

According to a great and hilarious review of Talos by Nathan over at Cold Fusion one Christopher Lee makes a cameo appearance, so that's worth something at least. Of course, he's clearly visible on the soundtrack cover, I just wanted you to check out that review, which I found to be a very entertaining few minutes of reading material.

Here's the tracklist, followed, as always, by the link. Be sure to check out track 3 - Into the Cavern, it gets nice and spooky about 2 minutes into the track.

1. The Mummy (03:44)
2. Nabil (03:51)
3. Into the Cavern (03:39)
4. Stream of Black Mist (02:17)
5. The Search (05:54)
6. From Dusk Till Dawn (04:03)
7. The Seventh Floor Hallway (01:56)
8. Planetary Alignment (03:39)
9. Innervisions (02:53)
10. Back to Nefriama (04:11)
11. Detective Riley (01:54)
12. The Hunt (03:30)
13. Transformation (02:43)
14. An Ancient Curse (01:49)

He's waiting in purgatory for the day of his rebirth -- which happens to be this Thursday!


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Oh, what the hell, I'm flogging it everywhere else:

I've discovered a nigh-forgotten kid's cartoon called Mummy Nanny (apparently inspired by British slang for a live-in nanny). It's a bit like the Beetlejuice toon, only with a gender switch. The Italian version's opening theme is kitschy yet catchy:


Maybe you'll get a kick out of it, I don't know...

Nathan said...

Niiiiice. (And thanks for the Cold Fusion shoutout.)

Theo said...

nice one! thank you.
ever considered Massmirror or Mediafire?

Lorenzo said...

Please Reupload this File if you can,the link here doesn't work anymore.I m still interested in it


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