Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Office Season 3: The Best Buy exclusive

My current favorite show (also one of my top 5 favorite shows of all time) The Office just had it's 3rd season released on DVD today. As with the last season Best Buy has put out a "Best Buy Exclusive" box set for this third season. Included in the exclusive set (which is on sale this week for $42.99, $32.99 for the regular version) is the 4-disc DVD set, plus a mini Dundie Award statue and a mini Dwight Shrute bobblehead (as seen on the show, only smaller). The bobblehead is actually very mini, about 3 inches high, but I think it's made of porcelain, so it's pretty high quality despite it's tiny stature. Just wanted to give any fellow Office fans a heads up to seek out this set because I think they're going to sell out very quickly. I was the 3rd person in the store and during the 20 seconds I spent grabbing my set, 4 other people snatched up a set as well. Get one soon, or you'll end up paying double for the set later on Amazon or eBay.

Here's a closer look at the collectible action figures. They're worth more than your car...


John said...

Dead on, Phelpster - best program on network TV bar none.


I really love The Office but you guys need to check out It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia if you haven't already. Really well written and very funny.


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