Monday, September 17, 2007

Novelty Cigarette Lighter of Doom : A Manchester Morgue Compilation

Since I'm back, I thought I'd start by unveiling the newest Manchester Morgue compilation, Novelty Cigarette Lighter of Doom! This is the sequel to Werewolf in Unnecessarily Short Gym Shorts, and it features the same basic theme; songs with titles named after horror or science fiction films. While these songs all feature horror movie themed titles, not all of the songs actually have anything to do with the movie they share a title with. It's just a fun compilation featuring bands I like, and hopefully all of you will find at least a few cool songs or bands that you are a fan of, or might soon become a fan of.

It was originally scheduled to be called "Bride of Werewolf in Unnecessarily Short Gym Shorts", but while it was hard finding a male werewolf in little ass-hugging gym shorts, it was impossible for me to find a female werewolf wearing shorts. I came up with the (admittedly kinda dumb, but hopefully "fun dumb" and not just regular stupid dumb) title when going through some old EC comics and found this cover to be pretty funny. I thought it looked more like the bad guy was attempting to light his enemy on fire with one of those lighters shaped like a gun, than shoot him with a real gun. While it maybe doesn't entirely work for the compilation theme (the last one at least had a horrific werewolf element with the cover) the cleavagey woman on the left looks pretty spooked, so we can just imagine there's a zombie on the other side of that gun-lighter wielding hand.

The tracks come from all sorts of different sources and have different bitrates, but there shouldn't be anything too awful sounding. Just some of the songs are not quite as loud as others. Damn you old Misfits! Wait, I should add one of these things --> ;) I hate using those to express my sarcasm, but the last thing I need is a bunch of members of The Misfits Army coming after me for my remark.

At The Gates - The Swarm
King Diamond - Halloween
Samhain - Halloween II
Sadist - Sometimes They Come Back
Angel Witch - Dr. Phibes
Deceased - Fright
Stormrider - Lucifer Rising
Roky Erickson & The Aliens - I Walked With a Zombie
Manucipal Waste - The Thing
The Misfits - Astro Zombies
The Graveyard Boulevard - Popcorn
Rigor Mortis - Wizard of Gore
Possesed - The Exorcist
Testament - Alone in the Dark
David Vanian & The Phantom Chords - Swamp Thing
The Agonist - Memento Mori
Omen - Prince Of Darkness
Quo Vadis - Zero Hour
Voltaire - Land of the Dead
Cianide - The Wrath of Daimajin

Notes on a couple tracks:

Angel Witch - Dr. Phibes - I know, the movie is called The Abominable Dr. Phibes, but I really like this NWOBHM-ian instrumental so I wanted to include it. For the sake of this compilation, let's just pretend the song has the "Abominable" part in there.

The Agonist - Memento Mori - This is one of the "nothing to do with the movie it shares a title with" songs that I mentioned before. Hell, that movie itself isn't technically even called that, that's just the English title they used for it when it came out. I just heard this band and think they're pretty cool, so here's hoping I turn someone else onto them. The Agonist is a pretty new band from Quebec, and their singer is one of those female singers who do their fair share of screaming, like Angela from Arch Enemy or Candace from Walls of Jericho, but she actually sings between the screaming. I prefer her singing voice, but I let the screaming slide because she's hot, in a blue-haired kinda way.

I was bored, so I even whipped up a back cover for it:

I wasn't able to print the back out myself, but if anyone actually does and finds it to be off center or if the sides don't fit into the case properly, let me know and I can adjust it.


Anonymous said...

You are so cool! I love the compilation CDs with cover art. Thanks for all your hard work!

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Very cool, I like to get compilations like this because sometimes I find some really cool songs or bands I would never thought have to give any time to.

THXjay said...

Hey phelpster,

Sorry to be a pain but can you tell me how you get that black blogger search bar at the top of the page, I've searched everywhere to find out how to do it :(



THXjay said...

Ignore me, you know how you can search for something for ages only to suddenly see it right in front of you.....yep, just seen the options in the edit section :)

Thanks anyway

Congo said...

Glad to have you back sir, wicked cool compilation!

Scott said...

oh no! my disc was destroyed after taking a tumble down some stairs(sober, sadly), no back up copy and the link is dead! any chance of a re-up? I love all your comps and this was my favorite at the moment.

thank you for all these incredible offerings.

CruZControL said...

Seems the link is invalid. :S
Could you re-upload?

Scott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott said...

CruZControL said...

Thanks Scotty! ;)


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