Wednesday, September 19, 2007

George A. Romero's Toe Tags #4-6

And here's the final 3 issues of George Romero's Toe Tags miniseries. Thanks to the original scanner of these issues. I know, I've said that on every single comic post I've put up, but I know the one time I forget the person who scanned them will see the post and be upset about it. Check back tomorrow, I should be back on track with an actual soundtrack or two for you all. Or, as people around these parts might be heard to say, y'all.

1 comment:

Shane said...

Phelpster my main man! Glad to see you've got yourself nestled someplace again. If worse came to worse, i was gonna say "Alright Phelpster, you can stay here but you have to make your own bed." And then you'd get here and i'd show you a pile of lumber and say "Welp you better get started."

Man that's a great gag!

So anyway, i come to ask a special favor. Would you by any chance happen to have the Dark Of The Sun soundtrack by Jacques Loussier? It was offered on "Even More Stuff For Wasting Time" and "You Don't Have To Visit This Blog" so i know it's out there. I wouldn't pest you but i really need help on this one. Thank you for being such a resourceful and handsome man.


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