Monday, September 17, 2007

We now return to our regularly scheduled program

Okay, well luckily I was able to find somewhere to temporarily relocate to pretty quickly, resulting in a pretty half assed hiatus. Of course, I have to move again pretty soon, but I should be set for a little while, at least until I figure out what I plan on doing in the long run. So, thanks a lot to those of you who left a comment in the last post, helped me to stay positive throughout the whole thing. I’ve got some cool new stuff for you all to check out, a new ridiculously titled compilation, George Romero scribed comics, and eventually a look at my Manchester Morgue t-shirt design I came up with for the hell of it. Check back soon, I’ll get something up here shortly.

1 comment:

Hellbishop said...

Welcome back oh busiest of busy bees! Hope its a smooth transition. Just a regular move is a big hassle so I can imagine what your going through.


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