Monday, October 15, 2007

Allan Trautman - Professional Zombie

Here's a cool little thing I found while going through my stuff earlier today. This was sent to me a few years ago by Allan Trautman, the man underneath the Tarman costume in Return of the Living Dead. Thankfully they were able to reattach his head after it was knocked off by Clu Gulager during the movie and Allan went on to have a pretty nice little career as an actor/puppeteer in things like Greg the Bunny and Unhappily Ever After.

Apart from this, my autograph collection is pretty limited. I've never gone to a convention and even then I'm a bit cheap so if I did attend one I doubt I'd pay Ken Foree, for example, $20 for him to write his name on something, as awesome as Ken might be. That said I do have a postcard signed by Catriona MacColl, another signed by Caroline Munro, and an issue of Fangoria signed by one David DeCocteau. That's about the extent of my signed items collection. I thought this would be cool to post since any kind of behind the scenes stuff on Return of the Living Dead is sadly quite lacking. I know there's a documentary on the newly released DVD, but I haven't picked that up yet and from what I read it looks like it's just newly recorded stuff. Unless I'm mistaken, which I very well could be.


John said...

That's a pretty cool item, though I have to admit I'm actually the most jealous of the DeCoteau Fango. Yeah, I know, I suck...

And no self-respecting celebrity should charge for an autograph. Autographs should be their way of saying thanks to the fans that got them where they are. To charge for them is really pretty pathetic.

The Fiji Mermaid said...

Very cool. Tar Man was the best of the zombies in RTOLD. Heck he is one of the most memorable zombies in all of horror cinema.

I only have one horror related sig. It's Tom Savini's when I met him at a Fango Weekend of Horrors in Detroit.


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