Friday, October 26, 2007

Roy Budd - Mama Dracula

Okay, I guess I'll actually post something more Halloweeney today, this is Roy Budd's music from Mama Dracula. For those of you not familiar with Mama Dracula (or Mamma Dracula as it's also spelled some places), it's an alleged horror comedy from 1980, starring Oscar® winner Louise Fletcher. It was brought to us by director Boris Szulzinger, who only directed a couple of other films prior (none after), films even more obscure than Mama Dracula. I say "alleged horror comedy" because the film is neither scary nor funny. I actually usually really enjoy movies that fall under the horror comedy, or horromedy subgenre, even the bad ones, but, as my friend Taliesin can attest, this one is pretty godawful. Although, it is notable for having the ugliest vampires in all of cinematic vampiredom. I'm of course speaking of these two chaps.

Bad movie, but Roy Budd did his usual respectable job scoring it, being the admirable filmscorer that he is (I've gotta stop making up words, my Blogger spell check must hate me). I'd been looking for this one for a while and I finally stumbled upon it the other day. The track listing goes from 15-30, which usually means the music is from a compilation type album, but I can't find any listing for a Mama Dracula soundtrack apart from the French LP released back in 1980, so I'm not sure what the odd numbering is about. Anyone know?


Taliesin_ttlg said...

Many thanks for the name check. It trully is an awful film

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I used to watch that film over and over and I love the soundtrack! Anywhere I can download it from? Could you send it to me?

Thank you, please let met know about it! You can mail me at

Thank's a lot =)


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