Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vampirella - Chillingly Illustrated Horror Classics!

I had a request in one of the Eerie posts and I've finally managed to wrangle up some issues of Warren era Vampirella. Beloved among young boys in the 1970s whose parents didn't keep any kind of porn in the house. Kidding. Or, I don't know, maybe not, some of the stories do get kinda racy I suppose. Anyway, I don't have anywhere near as many Vampis (Vampi's?) as I do Creepy or Eerie, but I've got enough for a few posts at least. Given the limited number of these I have, I'll just post random issues since I don't have more than 2 consecutive issues in my collection. It skips around, 1, 25, 34... I am on the lookout for a more complete set though. With that said this set includes issue #34 (June 1974), #38 (Nov. 1974) and #40 (Mar. 1975).

Credit to the original scanners. Use CDisplay to view the files. Godspeed.


Hellbishop said...

Wowzers! Vampirella! Yummity sweet! She was a rare treat to read in my youth compared to Creepy and Eerie. Always guaranteed satisfaction one way or the other :D Hee hee.

Thanks for another amazing upload :)

Anonymous said...

Well now you have realy surprised me. I love the old Warren Vampirella. A friend of mine has a complete set of the original 133. He wants 1500. dollars for it, I am always tempted when he shows me the box.
Have you found rapidshare downloads slowing up due to higher download traffic?
Many Thanks for these. Vince

Hellbishop said...

Yes Rapidshare is slowing down and they're also starting to hand out download tickets again to ease the congestion I guess. No big deal it eventually calms down again.

By the way you can probably find alot of those old WARREN comics for good prices at sci-fi/fantasy bookstores like FORBIDDEN PLANET etc. I remember once in the 1990s buying a bunch for $1.25 each.

Anonymous said...

The Vicar of VHS said...

Beloved among young boys in the 1970s whose parents didn't keep any kind of porn in the house.

It's true, too true. I used to have the b&w magazine Savage Sword of Conan on my comic store pull list for this very reason.

Then, four years later, I started dating and forgot about it. :)

Thanks for this, though--I wish I had all the old Warren magazines, in paper or digital form either one. I've got a few, but not nearly enough--and no Vampi, so this is a real treat.

The Vicar of VHS said...

I meant to say "on my pull list when I was 14."

The next line makes more sense that way. So much for my comedic timing...

leesa said...

Thanx for the fun stuff. I've been sitting on a Warren torrent for so long with no action... sigh. So this is great!

I have a question for you guys. Has anyone ever seen scans of the old Spacemen Magazine produced by Famous Monsters? I'd love to peruse those cool old magazines.


KennyG1971 said...

Hey man since you helped me out on the Preacher thing,I got most of the Vampirella Warren run over on my comic blog.

And if you have a bead on any I am missing in the series,leave me a message.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Site! I came in really late and the links are still good for me. You've got me hooked. Keep up the great job.

If you still need it, try this link for Spacemen:

leesa said...

Hey Anonymous!

Thanx so much for the link. Actually, I found two different versions on Demonoid.

But thanx so much for responding!



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