Tuesday, October 16, 2007

EERIE - Illustrated Tales of Creeping Fear and Raging Monsters!

It's been a while since I posted any Creepy comics, and even longer since any issues of Eerie have reared their ugly heads on the site, so let's change that. Here are four, (count 'em, four) issues of Eerie for your enter'slay'ment! Sorry, Tales From The Crypt is on in the background, those terrible puns are infectious. We left off at issue number 7, sadly I don't have issues #8 or #9, so I'm jumping ahead a bit. Today's set includes #10 (July 1967), #11 (Sept. 1967), #12 (Nov. 1967), and #13(Feb. 1968). I particularly enjoy the cover for issue #13. We've got a skeleton strangling J. Peterman in a graveyard with an extension cord. I really like how the skeleton seems to be so ashamed of being bald that he's still managing to pull off a combover, despite the fact that he has no skin and therefore wouldn't be able to have hair. A combover from beyond the grave, that is dedication.

To make the reading of these issues as easy as possible head on over and download CBR reader CDisplay. As always, credit goes out to the original scanner or scanners. I mentioned Creepy a moment ago, I've got a new set of those to put up as well, so check back a little later. I don't have time to post them right now, I've gotta go help someone powerwash something. No idea what I'll be powerwashing just yet, but I know I'll be powerwashing something today.


Garvarg said...

Thanks a lot for share!

Evan said...

Thanks for these also! Oh, on the April Fools Day post, someone was looking for the Night of the Comet soundtrack. I stumbled acress it aty Vinnie Ratouilles Rare Records.
The link to the post is: http://vinnierattolle.blogspot.com/2007/10/daddy-would-have-gotten-us-uzis.html

Anonymous said...

These comics are the early Graphic Novels of today. These are much better. Thanks VERY MUCH for this blast from the past.
Any Forbidden Planet comics?
Thanks Vince

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
phelpster said...

Vince - Sorry, don't have any Forbidden Planet comics at the moment. I'm always getting new ones though, so I'll check and see if I can find any for you.


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