Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CREEPY - Haunted Fear and Sheer Terror Illustrated!

And here's the Creepy set I mentioned earlier. This set contains issue #16 (Aug. 1967), Creepy #17 (Oct. 1967), and #18 (Jan. 1968). To make the reading of these issues as easy as possible head on over and download CBR reader CDisplay. I know you're all probably sick of me posting the link to CDisplay, but I know if I don't someone who didn't download any of the other comics will want to know how to read them. As always, credit goes out to the original scanner or scanners.


Anonymous said...

Another great collection. I have gotten Issues 1 to 14 from you. Do you have issue #15?
This download has 16,17 and 18.
Many Thanks, Vince

phelpster said...

Sorry, meant to mention that in the post, I don't have #15. I've got like 6 GBs worth of issues spread over 2 discs but I'm still missing a few here and there.

Octavi Segarra said...

Thanks very much for this!

I haved one of this when I was a child!! (Sorry for my bad english)

You bring me very good memories about that!!

Very very great blog!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please, MORE Creepy and Eerie sets! If you could even link out to the motherload of the elusive Warren collection, all the better...! (Special requests: Creepy #54, Eerie #86)
Manchester Morgue Lives!


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