Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Target's Transforming Transformer

As you've probably already seen/heard/been aware of for some time, this summer's most robot-having movie has come out on DVD today. Which is kind of ridiculous because it came out less than 4 months ago and was a huge money making success. I mean, I really enjoyed the movie and am happy to have it so early without having to find "a guy" who already has it in a bootleg form, I'm just saying that it seems like one they would've released closer to Christmas. Would've been an easy "person under 20" gift for people who didn't know what else to get someone. This movie has got to have a record for most store specific DVD exclusives of all time. Everyone has some "exclusive" case or free gift that you get when you purchase it, even places like K-Mart and they never have any exclusives. As you can see I went with the most over the top and ridiculous version I know of, Target's transforming Optimus Prime case. Its cased in a pretty cool oversized (width wise, it's the same height as a regular DVD case) clear box with the title on the spine so you can still fit it on your shelf:

You take it out and in 3 simple steps you can transform it into this wonderfully tacky little number shown here (the actual case is on the back and snaps shut to keep the discs inside):

The fully transformed case is pretty large, about 15 inches high. Despite having little feet this little bastard doesn't seem to actually stand up by itself, so you'll probably have to find somewhere good to lean it up against. Because it will fall. Anyway, just wanted to show this off, if you want one I recommend getting to the store soon because they didn't have many left when I picked mine up.

That's all I've got to report on this matter. I'll see you guys soon with some new stuff put out by a company called Warren.


Hellbishop said...

Ha ha cool transforming case you got there :D

Yea I dont know whats up with releasing the movies so quickly to Dvds these days. Its like why bother going to the theater if its going to be out so soon. Especially if one has a cool home theater setup.

Anonymous said...

seriously... you like transformers... what are you 12 years old or a pedophile?

transformers or just about anything from the 80s sold to kids is garbage and vapid. it's nostalgia gone horribly wrong.

phelpster said...

Odd comment. Not 12 and not into 12 year olds either. I enjoyed the movie, so I picked up the DVD. I was never really into the toys as a kid, but I did have a blast watching the movie, and as a sucker for gimmicky packaging I went for the most gimmicky package out there. And, for the record, the 80's and many things produced during that time were in fact quite awesome.

J. said...

i totally agree...when taken for what it was...the 80's rocked...and i am not 12 either, but had to have such a kitschy transforming dvd case...

Hellbishop said...

Transformers= cool science fiction which has no age limit and has nothing to do with criminy pedophillia.

You phelpster are mighty restraint in your replies. A true Gentleman :D

Anonymous said...

Times have changed: movies that play in theatres are really only intended as a huge trailer for the upcoming DVD, where there is more money to be made.
As soon as it has swept the box office in the first weeks, most companies want to release the DVD while people are still craving it.

Marketing wise, they should have waited until the holidays, but then they would be up against Harry Potter.

Anonymous said...

1980s = garbage and 30 year olds who cannot realize that the 80s cartoons were only created simply for them to nag their parents into buying products based on the 30 minute "infomerical" episodes

you have to wonder about a grown man who idealizes a plastic toy and a series based on the most flimsy plot and characters

Hellbishop said...

Well am glad I watched Transformers instead of other far worse cartoons which did push a shockingly blatent sexuality onto kids. Anyone for Barbie or My Little Pony?

When it comes to Transformers all I saw was glorification of military images and a war mentality. Cant see where the sex comes in unless one goes with a man isnt a man without his big gun angle.

I agree that they were infomercials and that was one reason I never brought any of their products because my mind instinctively rages against such subliminal advertising.

Anonymous said...

1980s = garbage? You must be a pedophile to enjoy it as an adult?

What bitter and frustrated person would say that? I'm over 30 myself and never really liked the Transformers, but there is no need for such childish remarks. Most people are clever enough to make up their own mind. It is possible to enjoy something even if it is purely a marketing concept or based on nostalgia. What exactly is wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

The asshole that left the pedophile comment seems to have some big time issues! I wouldn't doubt if he/she is a pedophile. Don't bother with jerks like this!!

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with basing your happiness on crass marketing , corporate greed, and vapid popular culture? what's wrong with loving and idolizing the Transformers, GI Joe, GoBots, or just about 95 percent of all cartoons or anime ever inked and broadcast?

if you really have to ask that as a response and an indirect defense for your actions then you are far beyond reason or help. someone who says such things probably idolizes someone like Stephen King or JK Rowling as the greatest writer of all time and watches an excessive amount of TV programming to fill his void in life. He or she most likely purchases popular culture marketing items 24-7 in hopes that it will cover their thin veneer of a personality and almost non-existent inner soul.

and yeah, i do believe that grown men playing with or even collecting childs games and toys is a bit suspicious and disquieting. it's no guarantee he is doing something heinously wrong, yet it causes legit doubts about his true character and social/developmental arrestment. simply put, someone who go after this stuff went off the track of life development way back on the line at some point.

it will fun seeing people trying to retort and attack this response too. insults galore with utterly no objective substance.

Anonymous said...

And what kind of "objective substance" are you bringing forth?

To begin with, who would comment on a blog that contains items of no interest to him? Rather strange, no?
You seem to be pigeon-holing everything and everyone, while most other people here are open-minded and unprejudiced.

I could go on about the psychology of people that have an urge to label and cathegorize everything... instead, I realize I have nothing to gain in replying to utterly naieve remarkts.


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