Friday, February 15, 2013

Bad news for fans of Cinematic Titanic:

"Dear Friends,

As we have been adding dates to our live show schedule for 2013, we have come to the decision that this will be our last year actively touring as Cinematic Titanic. We feel that with any project there is a time to move on and as 5 people living in 5 different cities with different lives and projects, it has become increasingly difficult to coordinate our schedules and give Cinematic Titanic the attention it requires to keep growing as a creative enterprise and a business. As a result, we have decided to take this indefinite hiatus.

The last 5+ years have been an amazing opportunity for us all to reconnect creatively with one another and more importantly to connect with the fans of MST3K and new fans of Cinematic Titanic. We've had the great pleasure of playing some beautiful theaters around the country and have taken movie riffing to places we never dreamed, like ILM and Pixar, a sports arena, and even Broadway! The love we've been shown by those we've met and performed for will be with us forever.

We will be performing as many dates as is feasible this year and we hope you'll come out and see us go at it one last time if we come to a theater near you in 2013. We are still in discussions about the production of additional DVDs and we'll keep you posted.

We thank you deeply for all the support you've shown Cinematic Titanic over these years and we're looking forward to many great shows in the year ahead.


The CT Crew"

Sad to hear, hopefully this hiatus doesn't last forever. That said, many of the CineTit DVDs are available on sale at Amazon for $10.99.  You can also get the last of the Blood of the Vampires DVDs for $5.99 from the official Cinematic Titanic site.

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