Monday, February 18, 2013

Zombie Combover - A Manchester Morgue Compilation

To celebrate President's Day, I bring you my latest compilation. I call it Zombie Combover.

While I won't be doing full albums on the site anymore (unless it's given to me by the artist, or it's free) I think I'll still do compilations like these every couple of months or so. I like putting these things together and making covers for them, and they seem to be one of the most popular things on the site. Look out for my next, so far I call it The Coal Miner's Slaughter. That may change though.
For the cover, I used an image from Twins of Evil, which is actually a vampire movie and the dude on the cover is a vampire. However, with a bit of Photoshop magic (clone tool) I removed his vampire teeth and I think he looks way more like a zombie than a vampire. Probably my most simplistic cover design, but I like it, so here it is.

As with all of my compilations, the sound quality ranges from good to "ow, my freakin' ears" - I'm looking at you New Years Evil. But these songs are ripped from DVDs mostly, so you can't expect it to be perfect. These should all be pretty listenable.

The layout of the track list goes: Movie - Title of Song - Artist

  1. Black Devil Doll - Slasheriffic Theme by Giallo's Flame
  2. Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster - To Have and To Hold by The Distant Cousins
  3. Horror High - Vernon's Theme by Jerry Coward
  4. Don't Open Till Christmas - Warrior of Love by Caroline Munro (yep, her)
  5. Pieces - Opening Credits by Carlo Maria Cordio (I think)
  6. Crazy Love - Crazy Love by Raymond Van Het Groenewoud
  7. Return of the Killer Tomatoes - Big Breasted Girls Go To The Beach And Take Their Tops Off by Rick Patterson and Neal Fox
  8. Vacaciones de Terror 2 - Chicos Chicos by Tatiana
  9. New Years Evil - New Years Evil by Shadow - the quality on this one SUCKS, anyone with a better copy feel free to share
  10. Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold -  Playing with Fire by Dominic Frontiere, unsure of vocalist
  11. Soultaker - What a Lovely Way to Go by Karen Lawrence
  12. Seven Minutes in Heaven - Dear You by Josie Aiello
  13. The Sadist With Red Teeth - Opening Credits - Unsure of artist
  14. Kunoichi ninpô chô Yagyû gaiden: Edobana jigoku-hen - End Credits - Unsure of title or artist
  15. Witchboard - Bump in the Night by Iannis Xenakis (try saying that one time fast)
  16. Nailgun Massacre - Theme by Whitey Thomas
Here's some notes on a few of the titles:

Black Devil Doll - Never seen this one actually. I was so disgusted by the worst pair of lopsided bolt-on hooters I've ever witnessed that I turned the movie off after a few minutes. Cool, slasher-ish music though.

Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster - Once I saw James Karen's name in the credits, I knew I would be in for a good time. Bad movie, but so much fun. Good music too.

Pieces - I don't think Pieces needs an introduction. This movie rules, if you haven't seen, do so at once. Bastards!

Return of the Killer Tomatoes - No joke, one of my favorite comedies. So many clever jokes it's hard to keep track.

Vacaciones de Terror 2 - Cool, but also pretty dorky early 90's horror from Mexico. I've yet to see a Mexican horror movie I didn't like. Granted, I've seen less than 10 probably, but still.

Soultaker - Yes, this is the movie from Mystery Science Theater with Tanya Harding, Joe Estevez and Father Dude. This is not a good movie obviously, but last time I watched this episode I realized, holy crap, this music at the beginning is actually kinda great.

Nailgun Massacre - Without a doubt, one of the 3 worst movies ever made. And yet, completely and utterly fascinating. Code Red is supposed to blu-ray this later this year, if this happens check back here for an in depth review. Seriously, I could discuss this movie for hours. For now, enjoy some awful theme music.



Judas V. said...
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Judas V. said...

I thought the "O" in "CombOver" was the dl link, but I clicked on it and the direction it sends me to is "http://o/"
Or... am I missing something?

phelpster said...

Sorry about that, fixed the link.

Judas V. said...

Many thanks, Sir.

Foxhack said...

Any respect I had to you is long gone and replaced by something TEN TIMES LARGER because you included a Tatiana song in this!


BrittReid said...

It's not just James Karen in Frankenstein vs the Space Monster, it's YOUNG James Karen as nerd/scientist/hero on a motor scooter!
Silly, but oh-so kool!


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