Monday, February 11, 2013

Hilarious Album Cover of the Week

I've been known to frequent thrift stores for some time now. I work outdoors most of the time, so I like being able to get some pretty decent shirts for $1-$3 so I'm not spending actual money on clothes that I'll destroy at work. Every time I visit a thrift store I always make a point to look through the old records. I don't even own a turntable, yet I am compelled to flip through every single record because occasionally you find an album with a cover like this:

A cover that makes you say "What?!" out loud a little louder than you mean to, so that the people looking at the books right next to the records to stare at you for a moment before slowly backing away from the books. I can't be the only one who thinks this cover is creepy and bizarre, can I? A huge naked man, holding out a small naked like he's presenting it to a raffle winner at some kind of weird nudist swap meet. Seems odd to me. And where is his where is this guy's left thumb?

Anyway, I didn't buy the album, even though it was only a dollar. I went during my lunch break and I didn't think leaving a record in my hot ass car for a few hours would be a good idea. That, and the lack of a turntable.

But, I remembered when I got home, and I searched around and found it online. Apparently Slave was a pretty popular funk/disco/soul outfit active in Dayton, Ohio from 1977 up until 1996. I haven't heard their other stuff, but, despite the awkward album cover Just a Touch of Love is actually a pretty decent album. 

Here's a thrift store record question, what's the deal with the records where the original owner felt the need to write their name in ball point pen on the album sleeve? Was there a rash of record theft in the 70's? Were people breaking into houses and stealing Dolly Parton and Speedwagon records and was writing your name on the records an effective theft deterrent?


Anonymous said...

You certainly keep us on our toes. Never know what will turn up here! Thanks for that. :-)

Muppet John said...

my mother wrote my name & address on many of my records because I would take them to school now & again when I was in grade school. I remember being able to listen to them durning art & other teacher approved times.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, back in the 80's we lent out records to friends or took them to school (for various reasons). To make sure they got back to their rightful owner (most of the time, they actually did), people scribbled their names on them.
I hated that, still have a few singles with my name on or a stupid sticker if the cover was very dark.

Anonymous said...

I wrote my name and the date I bought the record, tape or cd

Anonymous said...

I wrote my name on my records to keep my brother from stealing them from me. He would take my stuff and then claim he bought it so with my name on my things, especially my records, I put an end to him taking my stuff.


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