Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Howling + Ninja III: The Domination coming to Blu-ray

Artist Nathan Thomas Milliner (who designed our key art for The Burning, Halloween III and several others) wows us again with his werewolf-filled and ferocious interpretation of 1981's THE HOWLING which is coming soon to DVD & Blu-ray this Summer. We even showed this to Director Joe Dante who said "Wow! Cool! I'd go see that picture!" More details on THE HOWLING (specific release date, etc.) will be coming soon in March. Pre-order at Amazon.

NINJA III: THE DOMINATION - the long-lost classic Cannon exploitation flick from 1984 - is coming to Shout Factory this June for the first time on DVD & Blu-ray! Pre-Order up at Amazon.

The Howling news is great, but expected, I mean it is The Howling, this should've come out a decade ago. I'm truly excited and surprised about the Ninja III news. That movie rules in ways I didn't know a movie could rule. That's a day one purchase for me.


Cousin Barnabas said...

Looking forward to THE HOWLING, which is my favorite werewolf movie. NINJA III, not so much, though I have fond memories of it as a child. It was that bizarre moment in time when Cannon's ninja movies crossed over with the BREAKIN' series, but probably isn't as much silly fun as I remember it.

phelpster said...

I actually just saw Ninja III for the first time last year so I can't say if it holds up, but I found it to be pretty amazing all the same.


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