Monday, December 24, 2007

Cinematic Titanic Begins...

Well Joel and the original MST3K gang's (plus Mary Jo Pehl) new movie riffing venture Cinematic Titanic has released it's first official DVD, The Oozing Skull. It's actually the 1972 Al Adamson film Brain of Blood, but they were asked to use a different title to avoid confustion, so The Oozing Skull is what they came up with. I'm a big fan of terrible movies, so I'm very excited about seeing them take on some Al Adamson.

The good news is, the trailer looks very funny (despite the odd placement of the silhouettes), but the bad news is that it's a bit more than I thought it would be. It's $16, which isn't too expensive, it's about on track with what the Film Crew DVDs retail for, but The Oozing Skull is going to be a burned DVD shipped in a paper Netflix-ey sleeve. So there will not be a case or a cover or anything other than a label on a disc. I'm working on making a cover for when I order my copy, (the early stage of that cover can be seen here, ignore the credits from Zombie on the back)but there's also a 2-week wait before it will ship right now. I'll definitely be ordering this one, I just hope they can eventually start offering either cases with artwork or lower the price a bit. $16 just seems a bit too steep for just a disc in a sleeve. At least for a poor individual like myself.

If you're interested, swing on over and order yourself a copy. And on a MST-related note, the latest episode, Werewolf, will be up sometime Monday afternoon, so check back to grab that.


Anonymous said...

So 16 dollars for a burnt DVD that might not even play in all players. I'll pass as much I'd like to see it and support Joel and co.

Fidel J. said...

but really, its not like Joel himself is burning the dvds on his laptop, they come from an online company that specializes in them. So I am pretty sure they know what they are doing. The only reason they are releasing it this way is a rights issue. As they will release a direct DL version in April next year.

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify, I was recently sent a promo DVD from TIME LIFE for the Man From UNCLE upcoming box set. Turns out the promo disc is a burnt DVD which I ended up watching on my computer since it would not play on my player.

Anonymous said...

Download our first episode now on BitTorrent:

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Well, thank God for BitTorrent.

I ordered the DVD, and it wouldn't play in two PCs with DVD-RW drives by different manufacturers and a DVD player that has never given me crap before (and I've played every region and format imaginable on them). The PCs locked up until the disk was ejected.

DVDWagon/EZTakes happily sent me a replacement disk, suspecting the manufacturing error. Got it today; no workey either.

It could be the fact that disks are mailed in paper envelope without cases; both disks showed machine-processing marks (a rectangular pattern under the play surface) and scuffs. Or it could be something else; I've been told that certain brands of DVD drives won't play certain brands of DVD media, period--but that seems insane.

Now EZTakes and Joel can keep my money (though I will explain the recurring problem and try to suss out a solution) and I can still watch the thing tonight. Thanks, Joel!


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