Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hamburger....The Motion Picture

So, I hope everyone had a nice Warren Wednesday. For me, after putting the post up I had to attend a Christmas party at work. You know how sometimes you'll think something is going to be awkward, but then you get there and it's not and you have a great time. This was not one of those times, it was more awkward than I had even imagined. And the weird thing is I'm not even sure what was awkward about it, it just kinda was.

Anyway, I've got something a bit different today. I've posted several episodes of MST3K, which are movie length episodes, but never an actual movie length movie. Until now. This is Hamburger...The Motion Picture. The best film ever made with "Hamburger" and "Motion Picture" in the title. The film (and I use that term loosely here) is quite terrible by traditional standards, but I recommend it to any fan of bad 80's comedies filled with naked women and jokes about fat people and flatulence.

Leigh McCloskey (who you might recognize as Terri's college boyfriend from Just One of the Guys, or from Dario Argento's Inferno) stars as Russell, a huge fan of fornication. Such a huge fan, in fact, that his overall horndoggedness keeps getting him kicked out of college. Of course it's not his fault, women find him irresistible. Who can blame them, I mean just look at him. His parents don't buy this excuse and are fed up with his chronic expulsion and threaten to withhold Russell's inheritance money until he's graduated from some school, any school. Desperate, Russell enrolls in Busterburger University. Buster Burger being a McDonalds-type fast food place, BBU gives people the know how to run their own Buster Burger franchise. That's the basic setup. From there it's just wacky scene after wacky scene of random wackiness.

Scrotum...a real delicacy for the rich and famous

I made a cover for it, but then I thought it might just end up being used to sell people poor quality bootlegs on eBay, so I didn't want to post it full size here. But here's what I came up with with the limited amount of images I had to work with.
Random interesting fact about Leigh McCloskey, he's actually a pretty talented painter and author.


Anonymous said...

not to sound too vulgar or to bring images of what i was doing, but i remember this being on Cinemax's Friday/Saturday late night soft-core time slot back in the late 1980s. I think it was called Cinemax After Dark or such and such.

I haven't seen this in over two decades, yet I recall the blonde with the boobs being the only highlight. don't recall what the show was about really, but i do remember the blonde showing her boods by raising up her top to the guy she wanted. i also recall something about a resturant table... maybe that was another blue-movie though.

I also remember having to watch such movies with cable being scrambled if my parents had decided not to pickup the movie cable channels that month.

thanks for the upload and the nostalgia to being a horny young teen in the late 1980s.

Anonymous said...

just out of curiosity, why do you seperate the whole movie, Hamburger, in seven different RAP files that require the user to download all 7 parts to use? another thing, why does someone have to have all 7 pieces in order to watch anything?

why not make one giant RAR file?

phelpster said...

Glad you appreciate the movie, hope it holds up well for you. At the very least there are some great lines. One movie I used to watch on the same late night Cinemax time slot a lot was an Ami Dolenz movie called Miracle Beach, I'd love to see that one again.

To answer your question, I split it into 7 parts because the sites I prefer to use for uploading (Rapidshare or Sharebee) have a 100 MB file limit. Megaupload has a 500 MB limit, so I could've made it just two parts, but I really prefer not using Megaupload if I can help it because it's ungodly slow, at least on my end. And half the time the upload will just stop and I have to start over. Plus most sites use the 7 or 8 file method when post a movie, I kinda just followed what they were doing.

seandonson said...

Yes!!! I was just trying to explain this movie to my girlfriend and she couldn't believe it. Awesome I can hardly wait to see this again. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Worryingly I already own this on vhs!
it's totally crazy, the intro burger song and montage just brings me to tears every time. Full on retarded genius!

Anonymous said...

I loved this movie as a, kid. Not only does it feature the giggling, obese twins from the David Naughton, Michael J. Fox disco, scavenger-hunt flick, MIDNIGHT MADNESS, it's got Blackula uttering my all time favorite line, "Put those cookies back...Motherfucker!" Can"t wait to watch it!

Anonymous said...

I only got the audio and no visuals. Do you know how to fix that?


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