Saturday, December 01, 2007

Viva Evel

I'm late posting this, so I'm sure you've heard by now, legendary stunt man Evel Knievel has passed away. He defied death more times over the years than I've gotten my haircut and it's a shame to see him go. He had been in failing health for years, suffering from diabetes and pulmonary fibrosis, he was 69 at the time of his death. I actually just watched Hot Rod the other day, which had Andy Samberg attempting to break one of Knievel's records. Kinda weird timing there.

I think I'll pull my copy of Evel Knievel, the 1971 George Hamilton movie off the shelf in Evel's honor.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

It may sound cruel, but I'll be watching "Viva Knievel!" in a moment--starring Evel Knievel as Evel Knievel, fighting drug smugglers led by a jealous rival, reuniting families, setting "feminists" straight by driving them over endless stadium steps in his motorcycle, and inspiring handicapped orphans to walk!

And handing out action figures of himself to the other orphans!


A king of the road with a helmet for a crown! A motorcycle bird who is never coming down!

Anonymous said...

Evel was the real-life SuperHero in my 1970's childhood. Evel rides into the sunset...

Anonymous said...

Evel was one of the touchstones of my childhood, along with comics (many thanks for Warren Wednesdays!). I remember riding my bike down the steps of my grandmother's porch after seeing the George Hamilton movie. The stunt cycle was one of the coolest toys, ever.

He was over-the-top, but who could not respect his bravery? There's only a few celeb deaths that really hit me hard - Ronnie Van Zant, Syd Barrett, Johnny Cash, Charles Nelson Reilly..and now Evel.

Diggaz Love said...
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Diggaz Love said...

Yeah I also had the rev-up stunt motor bike, with the ramp and stunt loop and the Evel with his usual kitted out self.

Rest Well Big man... you made my childhood very interesting!!


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