Wednesday, December 05, 2007

CREEPY - Still The First Magazine of Illustrated Horror

Here's the latest set of Creepy. This set contains issue #34, #35, and #36. If you've ever wanted to see a Triceratops whoop a giant space monster's ass (and who hasn't?) then look no further than page 19 of issue #36. Credit again to the original scanners.

I haven't gotten the Vampirella uploaded yet, but look for them later on today. I'm thinking about trying something a bit different next Wednesday. Since I've started putting the Warren stuff up I've put up 3 or 4 issues of the 3 different comics that I put up each time. I'm thinking that starting next week maybe I'll just focus on putting up more issues of one comic each week. For example, next week I could put up about 300 MB (which would be like 8-10 issues) of EERIE, then CREEPY the following week and back and forth like that. I'd split them into parts similar to what they do over at Cosmobells, but I'd put each part up on Sharebee so if you don't have a RS or Mega account you can still get all three parts at once using the several different sites Sharebee uploads to. Does that sound okay with everyone? Anyone object to me doing it this way? I like having a variety up each Wednesday, but I think it'd be easier for me to put them all up that way. Plus I think I'd end up getting them all up faster in the long run doing it that way.


Anonymous said...

hey - just want to say i am loving the creepy eerie sets! it kills me, 'cause i used to have so many of these like 20 years ago, but they got lost and given away in the movement of life. so thanks for the great memories, and so much other cool stuff... and also thanks for turning me on to some other great blogs (yay cosmobells!)


(ps - sharbee gets a vote here...)

Anonymous said...

I love the Issues of Creepy and Eerie.
I can only thank you over and over again for these uploads.
As far as downloads. I like any, but NOT Rapidshare-for me its the worst.
Do whats best for you.

Fidel J. said...

thanks once again for a nice array of bone chilling comix. good stuff! and as for DL links...i dig sharebee, as its really a nice device if you don't have accounts for DL sites.

Anonymous said...

I don't care how you post 'em,
just please keep posting 'em!!!

Thanks so much, M.M. !!!

The Vicar of VHS said...

Wow, check out the editorial on page 1 of #35. Pretty powerful stuff, and still timely, I think. Good on Warren.

And spreading the sets out over several services would be great with me. It always takes me three days to get Vampi, Creepy, and Eerie!



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