Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Introducing Space Bastard!

Just wanted to let you all know that my new site is kind of up and running. I'm calling it Space Bastard! for the time being. I say "time being" because there might already be a site called that. I couldn't find a site called that, but when I tried to use spacebastard.blogspot in the address it told me that the address was already taken. But it was an "invite only" site, so I have no idea what the site is actually called. So, if the 4 people who have already visited the new site have bookmarked it already, the new address is:

The site will be full of various awesome images, stuff like old advertisements, high(ish) quality scans of old movie posters, or just whatever else I come across. It'll make more sense as I get more than 2 posts up on there. Anyway, Phelpster says check it out.

Hopefully I can use the name because I'm having a pretty great deal of trouble finding a name that's not already used. Every name I think up is already taken somehow. If Space Bastard is actually taken, I'll change the site back to it's former name of Prepubescent Werewolf. I'll keep the address the same though to avoid any confusion. This new site shouldn't interfere with this one, so don't worry. I'll still be sharing music and comics here. Speaking of comics, look for some new EERIEs here in a little bit.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

your new site is awesome, I like the Gamera Pictures and the old BB Gun Ads, Say any chance you can get ahold of the Godzilla 1985 Soundtrack and post it up here? that would be awesome, anyways, have a great day,


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