Friday, December 21, 2007

Rollercoaster of Death 2: The Final Sacrifice - A Manchester Morgue Compilation

I've got my latest compilation ready, so here it is, Rollercoaster of Death 2: The Final Sacrifice. This is the sequel to Rollercoaster of Death 1, which was a sequel to My Hear Is An Empty Tomb, and Your Name is Engraved Upon the Stone. To be followed by either Larry Clark : Overzealous Chiropractor, or The Bad News Bears Must Die.

Moving on. What are the odds of me finding two "people being killed or about to be killed on a rollercoaster" images to use for covers? Seems unlikely, doesn't it? I don't know, maybe it was really popular to off people on rollercoasters back then. You end up owing money to the wrong people, don't pay up, next thing you know two big dudes are hurling your ass off The Shooting Star at Coney Island. Anyway, this compilation consists of songs featured in various movies, mostly horror related, but a couple of movies not so horror related show up as well (Meatballs 4, I'm looking in your direction). These tracks were either ripped from DVDs by me, or from an actual CD for any that I could find. I had to download an entire 4 CD album to get the Ricchi E Poveri track, like 358 MBs to get a 4 MB song. Madness I tell you. So, you know the layout by now, tracklist goes Movie Title - Artist - Song Title.

Killer Party - White Sister - April
Def By Temptation - Melba Moore - Face to Face
Haute Tension - Muse - New Born
Moving Violations - Nona Hendryx - Moving Violations
Once Bitten - Real Life - Face to Face
The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini - Nancy Sinatra - Geronimo
My Best Friend is a Vampire - Oingo Boingo - Same Man I Was Before
Night Life - Fastway - She Is Danger
Cutting Class - Andy Prieboy - For Love from Cutting Class
Cutting Class - Andy Prieboy - Man Talk
Haute Tension - Ricchi E Poveri - Sara Perche Ti Amo
The Monster Squad - Michael Sembello - Rock Until Your Drop (Remastered!)
Fear No Evil - Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Blank Generation
Big Meat Eater - J. Douglas Dodd - Who's That Man?
Teen Witch - Valentine Leone - Never Gonna Be The Same Again
Teen Witch - Theresa & The Weirz - Popular Girl
Only Child - I Remember The Night from Meatballs 4
Friday the 13 Part VIII - Metropolis - The Darkest Side of the Night (Remastered!)
Super Xuxa Versus Satan - Xuxa - 'Arco-Íris (Rainbow)
Flesh Eating Mothers - Sherri Lamar - Monsters
Boy Eats Girl - Not sure of the band or the song title, but here you go.
American Astronaut - The Bill Nayer Show - Girl With The Vagina Made of Glass

Haute Tension - I don't think there was ever an actual soundtrack released for this one. I've got a couple of the tracks here, New Born by Muse, which plays over the last minute of the movie and then continuing over the end credits. And Sara Perche Ti Amo by Ricchi E Poveri, which the girls sing along with in the beginning of the movie.

My Best Friend is a Vampire - This is a very funny 80's vampire comedy that I somehow hadn't seen until earlier this month. Apart from being highly entertaining it also has some pretty good music in it. I just chose this one Oingo Boingo track for now, but I might try and put together a more complete soundtrack for this one soon.

Cutting Class - Here are two tracks performed by Andy Prieboy, formerly of Wall of Voodoo, For Love and Man Talk. These aren't MP3's, but I can play them with several different programs (Winamp, Windows Media Player) and they sound fine. I didn't want to put different file types together, but I couldn't find MP3s of the album they come from (Upon My Wicked Son).

Teen Witch - I've got two cheesetacular pop songs from the rather girly film Teen Witch. The first one is done by Valentine Leone (who is the neice of director Sergio Leone of all people) and goes by the title of Never Gonna Be The Same Again. The second is Popular Girl, brought to us by Theresa & The Weirz.

The Monster Squad and Friday the 13th VIII - Both of these tracks were on the first compilation. I thought I'd try and rip the Michael Sembello track from The Monster Squad DVD that came out a few months ago to get better quality than the first one I posted from my Laserdisc transfer DVD. The Metroplois track Darkest Side of the Night was about 2 minutes short on the first comp and someone sent me the whole track, so I thought I'd add it on here as well.

Super Xuxa Versus Satan - Ah, Xuxa. Former nudie movie star turned children's television show host. You all know who she is, right? People from Brazil surely do, she's made a movie every year for the past like 20 years and one of her albums is the biggest selling album in Brazil's history. I remember her as the oddly hot woman who I thought was German on a show on channel 20 when I was 13. Well, in 1989 she took on the Lord of Darkness himself (not this one, this one) in this little film. I think the song is called 'Arco-Íris (Rainbow), but I'm not certain. The song is actually quite catchy, despite having some stupendously stupid lyrics. Sure, it's a song for kids, but still.

American Astronaut - The Bill Nayer Show finishes this compilation off with Girl With The Vagina Made of Glass. Kinda reminds me of Carter Burwell's music from Raising Arizona a bit, only weirder.

So, that's it, hope everyone finds something on here they get a kick out of. Here are the links, it's 121 MB, so it's split over two links.

Oh, and I've closed the MST3K poll. First place goes to Werewolf, with 26% of the votes. Followed by Escape 2000, Girl's Town, The Human Duplicators, and finally Lost Continent. So, after Werewolf the next episodes I put up will be the 2nd-5th place episodes. Look for Werewolf on Sunday or Monday, takes a while to rip the DVDs and upload them.


Fidel J. said...

FangTastik! Another Quality Product from the makers of mirth and mayhem....uhhh...YOU! yeah, thats the ticket. thanks for the time spent DL extraneous cds, its worth your pain for my pleasure...wait that came out wrong i a show of regret...err...gratitude...and a nod to MST3K... there is now THIS:

Fidel J. said...

oh yeah! theres also this:

thanks for a cool blog...=)

phelpster said...

No problem, I hope you enjoy it:) Yeah, I just saw that Cinematic Titanic thing. Kinda weird how they do the silhouette, a little distracting, but very funny from what I heard. Kinda sucks, there's a 2 week wait before they'll be shipping anything, and it'll be a burned DVD in a sleeve. That's not a big deal, but it's $16, which is a bit steep for a disc in a sleeve. I'll still pick it up, I'm working on a DVD cover for it now.

Oh, and thanks a lot for the MP3s of the Prieboy tracks! I'll add that link to the front page in case anyone has trouble with what I've put on there.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

I'm afraid all I know about Xuxa is what I saw on The Simpsons.

Oh, that Cinematic Titanic trailer was awesome! The silhouette is unusual, but we'll adjust, I think; remember how strange it felt to focus on both the theater-hecklers AND the movie waaay back when Joel and the 'Bots started THEIR madness?

Fidel J. said...

Yeah, the silhouettes were kinda odd, but really, i do miss the silhouettes, what with Riff Trax not having any and such. Maybe they'll tone it down a bit, cuz seeing them almost surround the movie is a little much, heh. =)

Anonymous said...

happy holidays love melba moore

Fidel J. said...

So i was bored, and decided to fix up the song order and the tag info so that it all matched and such, i put them in chronological order (i liked this progression, plus the friday the 13th song actually landed at 13). Then i wanted a back cover, and thus i made one and figured i might as well share it...enjoy:

Vinnie Rattolle said...

Moving Violations, Cutting Class, Once Bitten, My Best Friend Is a Vampire, Teen Witch, The Monster Squad... If ever there was a reason for me to frequent your blog, it's because of music from weirdass movies like these. Oh, the nostalgia! Thanks, buddy, another great comp!

Phaota said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phaota said...

Got some errors in there. Andy Prieboy's "For Love" is actually Wall Of Voodoo. The Valentine Leone song from Teen Witch is the intro tune sung by Lori Ruso. Leone did the live concert version later in the movie.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know White Sister was an actual BAND! I thought it was just some made-up band for "Killer Party" and the name was making fun of Twisted Sister and White Zombie...but were either around in 1984 (when the movie was filmed)...? If you have anymore music from "Killer Party" or "Savage Streets," please let me know. Great find, thanks!

Anonymous said...


seiyalover said...

Awsome... I love these compilations. I would love to know though if you might have any of the songs from Night of the Demons. I had it but my computer crashed and I lost everything.

oliver said...

Hey who did those fantastic drawings for both volumes?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Phelpster !!
Thought you might like to know that the track from "Boy Eats Girl" is called 'Monologue' by an artist named 'Koo'. This information comes from the credits to the movie.
Hope that helps.
All the best,



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