Tuesday, June 18, 2013

8 MGM Sci-Fi Classics From Shout! Factory This September

Shout! Factory is continuing to amaze genre fans this year by releasing even more classics obtained from their raid of the MGM vaults. 8 Sci-Fi films in two separate DVD sets.

Movies 4 You - Sci-Fi Classics - Set 1

The Man from Planet X
A reporter in the Scottish Highlands is confronted by a friendly alien who pleads for aid for his freezing planet.
Beyond the Time Barrier
A U.S. Air Force test pilot crashes through the time barrier into the world of 2024, which is inhabited by the last remnants of Earth's civilization that escaped the cosmic plague of 1971.
The Time Travelers
A scientist steps through a time portal, travels 107 years into the future and finds a barren underground post-nuclear war world where a handful of "normal humans" are being attacked by mutants.
The Angry Red Planet
An expedition to Mars runs into all sorts of alien terrors, including unfriendly Martian plants and a terrifying kind of giant mouse/spider hybrid.

Movies 4 You - More Sci-Fi Classics - Set 2

The Amazing Transparent Man
From cult director Edgar G. Ulmer, a mad scientist experiments with a serum to make man transparent and uses an escaped convict to rob a bank. But...Scotland Yard moves in.
The frozen tail of a giant reptile is accidentally discovered. When it begins to thaw, the creature regenerates into a full-sized monster.
The Neanderthal Man
A mad scientist transforms himself into a prehistoric caveman, his cat into a saber-toothed tiger, and his housekeeper into an ape person, which does not enhance his popularity.
The Brain That Wouldn't Die
To restore the life of his fiancée, a brilliant surgeon tries to find a suitable body to attach to her head, which he keeps alive and locked in a dungeon. Includes a bonus deleted scene from International prints.

Most of the films have had a DVD release already - a few of them were Midnite Movie releases - but this appears to be the first release of The Neanderthal Man, Beyond the Time Barriers and The Time Travelers.
Both sets are currently only $6.95 a piece on Amazon, so you might want to order today to lock in the lower price. There are no covers yet, and both sets have the same exact title, but they aren't due out until September 3rd, so I'll add covers here once they are added to the listings. For now, enjoy this Locally Produced (bootleg) Reptilicus poster.

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