Monday, June 17, 2013

Help Fund Night of the Demons: After Party

Finally, a Kickstarter campaign I can really get behind:

"Okay, horror fans! I’m Kevin Tenney. I directed the original Night Of The Demons and it became a cult classic, spawning two successful sequels. A few years ago, Adam Gierasch (Autopsy, Toolbox Murders) remade my original Night Of The Demons and the response was overwhelming. Ever since, fans have constantly asked me, “When are you going to make another Demons film?” And here’s my answer: "It’s up to all of you."

We’ve put together an impressive . . . I mean REALLY impressive . . . crew and a kick ass script—Night Of The Demons: After-Party. It’s Halloween and we’re in a cemetery, having a party. Suddenly, there are demons and zombies everywhere, and all hell breaks loose! Literally!

I actually quite enjoyed the remake so I'll throw a bit of money in for this. Sure the remake wasn't quite as fun as Night of the Demons or Night of the Demons 2, but it was certainly way better than Night of the Demons 3.

Producer Kevin Tenney has assembled an impressive crew for this sequel, Anthony Hickox is set to direct, and Gabe Bartalos (Basket Case 2 & 3) is on effects duty. Scoring NOTD: After Party will be none other than the legendary Harry Manfredini. I have to say, based on those three names alone, I'm in.

There are actually some rather interesting rewards for contributors. For a $350 pledge you can get your name on one of the tombstones shown in the film, and they send you the actual tombstone when the film is done. It's probably the most unique reward I've seen on one of these Kickstarters, you help get the film get made and you get an excellent Halloween prop to use for the next 50 years.

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