Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hitting Shelves 6/11

Not a tremendous amount of essential new releases this week, but here are a few I consider must haves (plus one that I've never seen, but has a really nice package and a rather low price).


Ninja III: The Domination - Sam Firstenberg's cheese classic about an aerobics instructing telephone repair girl who becomes possessed by the spirit of an evil ninja. Read my review here. Order it directly from Scream Factory, or get it from Amazon.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters - I've not seen this, and it's gotten very mixed reviews, but if anyone is interested I just wanted to point out that Target's exclusive Digibook Blu-ray is on sale this week for $13, which is an incredible price for a new release Blu-ray, especially with the digibook packaging.

On DVD Only

A Labor of Love - From Vinegar Syndrome. A documentary about an inexperienced film crew who must include hardcore sex scenes in their art film or lose their funding. As you'd expect, it's kind of a disaster. All of the actors hate each other, and nobody can maintain an erection. Surprisingly hilarious, read my review. Grab it from VS directly, or get it from Amazon.

Also, out yesterday from Arrow Video is their latest Arrowdrome release, James Hong's 1989 winery zombie film The Vineyard. I've got a screener copy of this, so look for a review for that very soon. Order it today directly from Arrow, or Amazon.co.uk.

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