Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Pass + Games Guys Play From Code Red

Latest release from Code Red is up now at BigCartel. Great that he's still putting stuff out, though I'm not too big on the Titty Comedy genre that these two appear to belong to, I'd really like to see more Horror soon. I'm especially hopeful that he hasn't scrapped the plans for the Nailgun Massacre Blu-ray release.


Another double bill with your lovely host Maria Kanellis!!!

Having just finished basic training and not having been near a woman in weeks, a group of love-starved sailors do their best to paint Los Angeles red during their 72-hour furlough. Join fun lovin' sailors like would-be comic Paul Fricker (D.W. Brown, MISCHIEF), nerd Lester Gidley (Peter Ellenstein), preppie Webster Adams (Patrick Houser, HOT DOG THE MOVIE) and ex-gang member Bunker Hill (Chip McAllister, HAMBURGER THE MOVIE) in a zany adventure on their quest for chicks! Hilary Shepard (PEACEMAKER), Grand Bush (DIE HARD), Teddy Wilson (LOOSE SHOES), Phil Hartman (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE), and Kirk Calloway (CINDERELLA LIBERTY) co-star! Directed by Lawrence Bassoff!

Audio commentary by Director Lawrence Bassoff and actor D.W. Brown.
theatrical trailer

R/1984/ 1.78:1 (16X9)

Wendell Burton is a guy who can't get over his ex-girlfriend, Lana Wood. He is caught up in a nutty crisis of trying to survive life without her! Jim Backus (GILLIGAN'S ISLAND), Christopher Norris (TRAPPER JOHN M.D.), Barry Williams (BRADY BUNCH), and Gregory Sierra (VIC, SANFORD AND SON) co-star in this comedy about relationships and romance. Written by Lloyd Schwartz (TV's BRADY BUNCH, GILLIGAN'S ISLAND) and Directed by Jerry London (RENT-A-COP). Originally released as GOODNIGHT JACKIE.

R/ 1974/ 1.78:1 (16X9)

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