Friday, June 28, 2013

All Night Horror Marathon Volume Two From Scream This Fall

Scream has just announced another 4 movie All Night Horror Marathon set due out this October 29th. So excited to see Cellar Dweller finally getting some kind of DVD release. No preorder links yet, but expect them soon. If you haven't done so already, be sure to grab Volume 1 before it releases August 20th.

"SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT! Even MORE cheap thrills on the horizon…“Volume 2” of our SCREAM FACTORY ALL-NIGHT HORROR MARATHON series is coming soon!

Another fun and frightening multi-title DVD set is scheduled to land on October 29th. Titles include:
  • THE DUNGEONMASTER (1984) – Original story by Empire Pictures’ Charles Band.
  • CATACOMBS (1988) – From Director David Schmoeller (Tourist Trap, Crawlspace, Puppetmaster)
  • CELLAR DWELLER (1988) – From Director John Carl Buechler (Troll, Friday the 13th Part 7)
  • CONTAMINATION 7 (1993) – From Director Joe D’Amato (Ator: The Fighting Eagle, Emmanuelle in Bangkok)
All 4 films have never been on DVD before and you can get them for a super low $9.99 SRP.

Pre-order links on, Amazon and other fine online retailers coming soon!

For those curious: Technical specs are as follows:
  • Catacombs: 16x9 1.66
  • Cellar Dwellar: 4x3 full frame
  • Contamination 7:1.78:1
  • Dungeonmaster (aka RAGE WAR): 1.78:1. All all-new transfer that includes a pre-credit dream sequence missing from the Lightning Video VHS."

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