Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Howling & Lifeforce Overseas Poster Madness

In honor of The Howling and Lifeforce Blu-rays finally being released today, I thought I'd do a quick post of some of my favorite gonzo foreign posters from each film. Up first, The Howling. One from France, the second from Germany, and a pair of awesomely gaudy posters from Japan - a country frequently referred to as the "awesomely gaudy poster capital of the world".

For such a weird ass movie Lifeforce doesn't really have too many off the wall posters that I could find. Both of the ones I've posted come from Japan. This first one is quite excellent; good layout excluding the red characters on the top left, nice use of color - the purple plays really well off of the black and blue of space. The second poster takes the space shuttle/space vampire image and then really "Japans" the hell out of it, they just went through some stills and cut and pasted several spoileriffic images all over the place, seemingly at random.

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