Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Deep Discount's 13% Off Code - Expires 6/27

Deep Discount's 25% Off Sale took place earlier this month, but their practice of only including select titles in the sale usually makes that sale kind of a bust. Today they've put out a coupon code "DEEP13" that takes 13% off your order. Code expires 6/27 at Midnight. 

Sure, it's nowhere near as good as 25%, but the 13% does seem to actually work for most of what is on the site so you have a lot more choices with this new code. It's a way to grab a lot of the Scream Factory titles for about $15, which is the cheapest I've seen new copies go for. Tons of other decent deals, these are just some that stood out for me given how rarely they are on sale.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up! just bought some Scream Factory goodness.

phelpster said...

Great, glad you were able to find some good deals! I actually ended up ordering the two I posted about, I might need to go back and order a few more things before the sale ends.


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