Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fangs of the Living Dead Gets Rifftraxed

Rifftrax has just released a their latest Video Demand and it should be pretty great; Armando de Ossorio's Fangs of the Living Dead, which has become a staple of low budget public domain DVD box sets.  

I don't now about the rest of you but I've really been enjoying these Rifftrax Video On Demand releases. I loved MST3K because the writing and performing was hilarious first and foremost, but I also loved it because I love crappy movies. When Rifftrax started pretty much exclusively riffing "real" movies like Twilight and Harry Potter (yawn) they kind of lost my interest. But now that they're doing stuff like this, Kingdom of the Spiders and When a Stranger Calls Back I'm fully back on board.

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